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Em.body Massage aims to provide quality care that exceeds your expectations with a range of treatments from Remedial, Therapeutic, Pregnancy and Relaxation Massage to Traditional and Modern Cupping.
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Remedial Massage

Daily life, work, exercise, sleeping positions and stress can cause muscle tension to build up putting us in pain. Remedial massage offers relief to the whole body, including the circulatory, digestive, nervous, immune and muscular systems.  Remedial massage focuses on easing muscle tension and training the muscles to be in a relaxed state.

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Pregnancy Massage

Growing a tiny human is exhausting and can cause a lot of pain at times, especially towards the end of your pregnancy.

We have the knowledge and skills to help ease your pain and give you some much needed relaxation and relief.

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Relaxation Massage

Stress, anxiety, headaches, toxins, pain, depression, muscle aches, all side effects of the busy lives we live.  

Relaxation massage focuses on easing tension and stress, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep and promoting a relaxed state of mind.

It’s time to take some time out for yourself to relax and let your mind and body rest.

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Cupping is a type of alternative therapy that originated in China.  This treatment facilitates healing by increasing blood flow to sore muscles helping to ease pain.

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Meet Emma

Sore muscles? Stressed? Just want to relax in silence for an hour? Then Emma is your go-to!

Emma is a passionate and skilled massage therapist who loves to help people. She has over 5 years experience in a variety of massage techniques, with a special interest in pregnancy massage.

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